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Dave Durante of Power Monkey Fitness taking the AbStinger for a spin!

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The patent pending AbStinger is an innovative fitness product for both Athletes and Adaptive Athletes.   It challenges your upper body, core and delivers an intense cardio workout. The AbStinger can be used indoors or outdoors on any smooth surface. No other fitness product on the market provides a 360 degree range of motion with your workout.    Untethered, no ropes or cables!  


About us

 My name is James Johnson, former gymnast, engineer, current marathon runner and the inventor of the AbStinger.   I've spent the past 3 years designing, tweaking and re-tweaking the AbStinger.  Finally, it is ready.   No other fitness product delivers that full 360 range of motion.   It is the ULTIMATE core workout.

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Over 500% funded on Kickstarter on March 26, 2019

We love all you fitness enthusiasts and we would love your support.

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