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core and butt kicking cardio workout.

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We are  Fitness company that offers a new innovative and dynamic workout tool!   If you're an advance athlete looking for a new and innovative tool to up your workout, - THIS -  is the fitness product that you have been waiting for! It can be used in or outdoors on any smooth surface.   It WILL kick your butt, frustrate you, you will at times hate it, but you will keep going back for more.   


About us

Hi!  My name is James Johnson, former gymnast, engineer, current marathon runner and the inventor of the AbStinger.   I've spent the past 3 years designing, tweaking and re-tweaking the AbStinger.  Finally, it is ready.   No other fitness product delivers that full 360 range of motion.   It is the ULTIMATE core workout on the planet!


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We love all you fitness enthusiasts and we would love your support.

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